Saturday, April 16, 2011

moby - "little idiot" (1996 mute records limited)

little idiot is stark minimal ambient

for being such a minimal ambient album it evokes in me such a rich emotional response.  i almost want to refer to it as emotional minimalist ambient.  highly recommended.

1. Degenerate 3:25
2. Dead City 4:54
3. Walnut 3:07
4. Old 5:06
5. A Season In Hell 4:02
6. Love Song For My Mom 3:43
7. The Blue Terror Of Lawns 3:23
8. Dead Sun 3:44
9. Reject 18:28


  1. Hello, The Image of this album is the official cover of "Little Idiot" ?

  2. there was no traditional cover for little idiot. it was packaged with the uk version of animal rights. the traditional cd cover was animal rights, on the front, under the fold out 2cd tray inside, next to the l.i. cd, was the little idiot art.