Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Various Artists – "Kiling Ha Muerto...Cuantas Veces?" (1996 climax records)

A1 Blowhole – Chatter
A2 Hands To – Apache Boot
A3 Smell & Quim – Tuning The Twat Machinery
A4 Cock E.S.P. – Dinosaur
A5 Evil Moisture – Rea End Retro
A6 Tea Culture – Aesophagus Glug Cussdrunk Fucker
A7 Prick Decay – A Bacteria Bone Musical - Septic Afghanistan
A8 To Live And Shave In L.A. – Kopenhagen Lounge (Live)
A9 Melt-Banana – Scrubber (Tropical Birds Version) 

B1 Lhasa Cement Plant – The Sign Of Virtue Complete
B2 Roughage – Pseudo-Rapist
B3 Pork Queen – Electra-Glide
B4 Noggin – Récidiviste
B5 Idea Fire Company – Shower-Bath Of The Patriarchs

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