Monday, January 21, 2013

Lopez - "Why Can't It Stop?" (1995 Trophy Records)

first track is exactly what i was hoping for...old skool ravehouse dancey-techno ala moby early 90's.
ah okay, great, i made a fantastic purchase, good for me.
on to track two: wait..what the fuck is this? certainly danceable but not at all what i was expecting....its good though, i suppose i have to go seek out josh wink's minimal acid house werks now.    was hoping for more of the first track, but this is good too in its own very different way...techno....*sigh* AHHHH

the third track probably goes right back to the winning formula that was the tried and true style of track 1 right?   
HOLY SHITBALLS!!!!!  can this track even be called techno?  no, i doubt it.   amid the vast sea of crazy ass subgenres of electronic music....i have no idea where this track fits.  its bizarre for sure, but not strange or atonal or arhythmic enough to go into any of the noise (or related) genres.....what the hell is this?   
at first i was annoyed as fuck....
slowly but surely i grew to love this strange track and now appreciate it as the rare treat of experimentalism that it is.
here's hoping you will too.

1. why can't it stop?
2. the dirty underground
3. everybody can do it

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