Thursday, February 14, 2013

Century Sleeper - "awaken" (2006 bombworks)

consisting of Ian Arkley of My Silent Wake, Seventh Angel, Ashen Mortality,etc.
and James Allin of death/doom band Visionaire.
having been a fan of several earlier projects from the band members here i really had no idea what to expect.
i suppose it could be said that this release in some ways isn't as heavy as other projects of the guys involved...but that isn't really the case, rather there just isn't as much of a death metal feel.  its been too easily dismissed, for this is a great album, if you heard a bit in passing, give it another shot, surely you will be rewarded.

its doomy and gloomy and gothy to be sure.

at first i wasn't sure what to make of things, but after listening for about 6 minutes, it all started to so beautifully sink in and i realized what a gothy metal treat i'd stumbled upon. the vocals are interesting and emotive and are not stuck in one particular style or form of delivery, which is nice. heavy, not as slow as you'd expect, but strangely catchy dark music from these two accomplished vets.

1. voyage
2. arnos vale
3. my face in eternity
4. look straight through
5. lost on your ocean
6. fainted world
7. centenary
8. your once loving heart
9. the end
10. as i close the final page
11. autumn

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