Monday, July 17, 2017

christian plumber - "chaos" (2001 Cling recordings)

single sided cassette release of
~~~~~~~~~~~~ noise
                    christian plumber.
...weird though.
*(i honestly don't know what exactly is what as far as the track listing goes.  i ripped the cassette myself several years ago, i'm pretty sure it's all in there.  gene jesus isn't tagged so i dunno which track it's attached to, if any...)
†for many it was throbbing gristle or merzbow, for me it was christian plumber and mental destruction...  in the mid 90's i realized there were other cats out there doing similar stuff to what i'd been doing since 90.  great day...but unfortunately i've produced a horrible amount of stuff since.  however, can't help it.  i've tried.
1. invocation
2. vomitus christie
3. praise the lord
4. geenie jesus
5. batboy
6. abc-dx
7. ø (my first bass solo)


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