Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lackthrow - "Alamoth's Demise" (2008 alOne/Grandpa Spaceship)

"we don't hate you. we love you, but it is time to go."

 The bulk of the material was recorded in 2008 while some of the other material goes back as far as 1997.  Some of the shorter pieces were culled from the only ALAMOTH release, the 97 track cd "unnerved" from 2002.
touches of noise, but mostly ambient funeral experimental metal junk.

1.corpus striatum 04:10
2.metaphor(picking at scabs) 00 :13
3.metawhore-pick at scabs ft. queaerns 00 :13 week later (fear is thieving) 06:01
5.i fall too far 00:06
6.these makeshift scars 00:06
7.tomb of breath 11:40 order of a night 01:38
9.notion 07:34
10.procrastinating 00:09
11.fourmissingtoes (finality) 17:11
12.dust catcher (part 1) (live 1997) 01:42
13.the inevitable rise of absolution 06:59
14.annon (live 1998) 01:51 your feet 06:52 good as dreams 00:08
17.collision document (live 2008) 07:59
18.cult of icons (live@mughall, pa 1998) 04:31

{79 minutes}


  1. maybe the least "lackthrow" lackthrow album ever but definitely a good one. enter lackthow's world of atmospheric sonance and he will stimulate a range of emotion you never knew you had. i wouldn't be surprised to see this guy move to the forefront of ambient sound in the near future.

  2. well i'd be very VERY surprised. but thank you very much for your comment and thanks again for downloading and bothering to listen.