Saturday, March 3, 2012

its time to give up

Update:  apparently it was a porno video company that shut me down.  according to them i've been posting a hell of a lot of their porno on this site.

for the life of me i can't recall ONE TIME i posted porn videos here...or hell, even uploaded any!

if only there were some recourse.

i just tried to re-upload internal empty - "sich errinern".
turns out that everything i've uploaded since the site started in 2009 is locked.
i guess that's all she wrote.


  1. Just write mediafire a nice little note ,explaining your dilemma.It's worked for me a couple of times ,already. Also try , unlimited free uploads and storage ,plus pop out players ,any type of media ,lots of cool shit!

  2. No, isn´t time to give up! It's time to FIGHT!!!

  3. yeaaahhhhh ,booooooyyyyyyy! Fight the power!!!!
    and FUCk tha Police!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I agree with GOD (Ohw that's awkward isn't it?) is a good solution...

  5. writing mediafire did no good. they basically said 'bullshit, this isn't about porn' (unless of course you look at the copyright infringement notices i received from them) and that at this point all i can do is write those who filed the claims on each individual file and get them to retract. i wonder who i should write about lackthrow, internal empty, a hymn for her, etc? fuck this nonsense. even if i had the approx 200 full days i've spent fucking around with this it worth it to do it all again via another service (minus the huge time suckers of scanning artwork and setting up the posts) just to (who knows?!) have it sucked down as quick as i get it up? i think not. i'm bummed about this.

  6. Well ,like I said in an earlier comment (see above) try out !! free unlimited storage ,uploads ,downloads ,of any media ,with no imminent threat of it ever being removed. It's like going to the library on the internet ,there are pdf books ,zines ,mp3's of rare and weird stuff ,as well as tons of Dead boots ,and other stuff. I've had a page there for a while ,and everything is as I left it last. They have an audio book of "The Turner Diaries" ,so you can upload pretty much whatever you want there ,people can download from links placed on your blog ,or directly from itself, plus every set of songs ,or each album or song ,or whatever ,has it's own pop out player ,so you can listen/watch/or read ,right online ,and also download!! I don't know if you've ever checked it out ,but it could be the wave of the future ,and it looks like the future is here ,what ,with Big Brother ,and all. Hopefully you stick it out ,stick around ,and stick it to the man ,and keep your blog alive!I ,for one ,am here to support you.

  7. may be a solution.

  8. indeed perfB! well, for a large part of the problem