Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crawl Unit - "the future in reverse" (1997 Povertech Industries)

*by request*

This is an incredibly impressive cd, no matter the genre you match it up to.
I dare say it might be one of those almost perfect experimental soundworks.  Be sure to pay attention to the track titles as they really inform the sounds and concepts explored.
Intriguing all the way through, like a fascinating film.
came in a nice, very attractive, quality digipak from povertech industries.

Sound events composed and constructed by J. Colley Jan-Jul 97 @ Studio for Regenerative Cosmetics, Sacramento, California. 05 recorded live in San Francisco during Sound Culture 96 presented by 23 5 Inc.

1 You Suffer (Part 2) (7:41)
2 Amp Wind / Ringer I (5:20)
3 Flamelengths (5:33)
4 Prelude To A Fuck / Ringer II (4:56)
5 Patience (Live) (10:03)
6 Conecrack, Speaker Rot, Etc. (8:27)
7 As My Contact Mic Gently Weeps... (5:41)
8 Flarelight (9:55)
9 Psychicblindspot / The Eternal... (9:06)

320kbps mp3


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