Wednesday, January 5, 2011

cyberhalo - "cyberhalo" (1999 ionic records)

debut of cyberhalo.
"Although primarily instrumental, the album followed a loose concept centered around the events prophesied to accompany the Second Coming of Christ in Revelation, Daniel, 1 & 2 Thessalonians and other books of the Bible. Several tracks, including "Every Eye Shall See Him", "The Paradise of God", "The Church In Sardis" and "I Was In The Spirit" feature spoken-word readings of various passages from Revelation. Other notable numbers include the throbbing, club-friendly "Electric Wafer", the midtempo ambient/trance opus "Forever Saved", the tribal/world music number "Didjeridoo Style", which sets the droning, otherworldly sounds of the aforementioned instrument to dance beats and "Swing 2000", a short, but unique number that combines the late 90's neo-swing revival with synth blips to create a trippy, post-modern fusion of both genres."


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