Sunday, May 10, 2009

DISMAL XXXI (may 2009)

dj non presents:

1.twit/ch - let it snow ('i-o flanger' mix by i-o)
2.aube - gloriole (dismal remix) slaughter natives - the silence shed a tear spirals downward - depression glass
5.firmament - the gathering (live)
6.kenotaph - tauch
7.static:soul - something:never
8.noumenon - this futile mark
9.silence surrounding - imprisoned angel
10.static:soul - something:never (part 2)
11.sanctum - madelene
12.shrilltower - song for the immigrant laborers
13.imminent starvation - go on and hang him
14.porteur de l'image - junction of travelers
15.sanctum - muffled piano (instrumental demo version)
16.miss blackchurch - thrall (conception)
17.mental destruction - farval
18.lackthrow - checkered
19.ryoji furui - etude
20.porteur de l'image - junction of travelers ('end cycle' mix)

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