Thursday, January 14, 2010

dismal XL

velvet cacoon - candlesmoke
autumn tears - a dreaming kiss
sorrow - forgive me
amber asylum - fear & doubt (in the frozen dawn)
grouper - follow in our dreams
dj non - blackleaf
a hymn for her - noise structure (hard)
keiji haino - red shoes
november növelet - you ask me
les sentiers conflictuels & andrew king - the magnificence
atrium carceri - reunion
the victim's shudder - moan. cry. shiver.
orbis mundi - mysterious cave
parca pace - excerpt from first cd
luasa raelon - mariners
lackthrow - corpus striatum
mike patton - i rumori nutrienti
jarboe - overthrown (w/phil anselmo)


  1. started off a little slow but ended very very strong.

    around 41:00-ish... strings fade into a tribal sounding piece then back to strings. who dat?

    Loved the jarboe at the end.

  2. the first strings and tribal bit are orbus mundi
    the second bit you mention is parca pace (another project from sanctum people:)) i love the bleep out of both of these artists mesef

  3. go listen to this:

  4. Any chance you might post some works of these two artists? Great stuff...