Friday, January 1, 2010


1.blackhouse - i am reflection
2.                      - no more business as usual
3.blood box - sunday sacrifice
4.blackmouth - blue ink flows through
5.brandon labelle - meter sickness sporadic spectra (extret remix)
6.chaos as shelter - et filii (jesus the swordfish)
7.cornucopia - bines karmicos
8.internal empty - six dreams reunited (create! revisioning)
9.envenomist - scorpion gears (melancholy (remix edit)
10.soulwhirlingsomewhere - the wedding
11.sanctum - juniper dream (live@cornerstone'01)
12.antimatter - black sun (dead can dance cover)
13.ap2 - cold breath of sorrow
14.       - a thousand terrible things
15.arcane device - diabolis ex machina 14
16.                           - machina epilogue dying bride - failure (swans cover)
18.murder by death - intermission


  1. Hey Andy...

    At about the 38 minute mark, what female artist is that? Good stuff.

  2. that would be Sanctum. that's from the show we opened for actually. unfortunately she is no longer with the band. sanctum is still great however imho

  3. Who is she and does she still sing?

    Dl'd Lupus In Fabula. Hope it's good. Loved the latest DISMAL. Keep up the good work.

  4. lupus in fabula is probably one of my all time faves... its up there anyways... she was one of the 3 vocalists on that album. i have no idea if she is still recording however. sanctum marches on though (as do its many side projects) with guest vocalists. i'll have to post some more soonish. been working on dismal XL tonight however. as for who did what on lupus in fabula: from "Engineer, Performer - Håkan* , Jan*
    Performer - Lena Robert , Marika Ljungberg

  5. i only have personal experience with a couple of the band members, so i'm a bit foggy on names for the girls. my bad. i know...
    yay swedish music though. some of my all times faves have come from there