Monday, February 15, 2010

sanctum - "clarify" (2001)

(i lightened up the image so you could more easily see..)
included here is clarify (This was a limited release done for Sanctum's appearance at Cornerstone Festival, 2001. Their were approx. 56 copies. The CD's are hand stamped with the band's name and disc title, and comes in a matte black, cardstock folder printed with glossy black ink.*very nice n pretty* It contains three tracks previously available on their 10" picture disc, and one song ("Stone") that appeared on Endtime Records' 'In the Shadow of Death' compilation. All other songs are only available on this disc.)
clarify 2.0(w/different track 2004)
the answer to his riddle (1998 cold meat industry ltd.ed. 1000)
close behind (from the compilation Elektroanschlag Vol.3)


  1. The Answer to His Riddle only extracted tracks 7 though 10! Thanks for the upload. I have this on PicDisc but never got to listen bc my record player is broken!

  2. Please excuse my being half asleep when I wrote this and not thinking it only had 4 songs.

  3. wow! i never even knew this existed. thanks heaps.