Tuesday, March 30, 2010


yes, quite old, but never posted on this site before. this post brings us closer to having all of the old dismal episodes posted here.

from original post elsewhere:
very glad to be showing off a rarely heard dj mix, a fitting addition to the DISMAL series.
this one is a full 80 minutes.


conjoined ambience volume 1  (recorded 5-30-06)


1.seraphic torpor - lullaby for the hopeless*
2.andrew powell - untitled hollow background*
3.anaphylaxis - no one really wins
4.auburn lull - untitled
5.anaphylaxis - lisa garland
6.numina/caul - the seer
7.a hymn for her - the sacred starr part two*
8.aube - 20000906
9.akifumi nakijima - untitled 4 (water 1990)
10.archon satani - Session VIII Heavenly Inoculation Part II
11.destrum(a hymn for her/caul) - esthera*
12.destrum(a hymn for her/caul) - untitled 11*
13.bloodbox - mother of dust
14.caul - kibroth Hataavah
15.anaphylaxis - cornerstone festival backing track*
16.knotsoul(lackthrow/signalbleed) - wash/white*
17.a hymn for her - the blessing of pain
18.a hymn for her - the harrowed queen (instrumental)*
19.a hymn for her - crying, 'my desperation is blackened!'*
20.a hymn for her - song to the siren (tim buckley cover)*
21.a hymn for her - a magic behind those crystaline shields*
22.sanctum - let's play
23.sanctum - conclusion
24.parca pace - scaffolding
25.rodolphe - i didn't cry
26.raison d'etre - euphrosyne
27.crawl unit - broken books & wings
28.a hymn for her - in love with ghosts
29.sanctum - euphoria

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