Thursday, March 18, 2010

Internal Empty - "anomie cd version" (late 1990's)

the original cassette was partially recorded in 1996, but mostly in 1997 and released that same year with hand-painted, hand-ripped, cardboard enclosures.  a couple of years later a master tape was sent off for a cd pressing with a nearly 14 minute bonus track for the cd reissue.  unfortunately, those masters were stolen and a few years later it finally saw release on cd.

this cd release was a good bit different from the tape and from the cd that was intended.
so until i can dig up an old copy of the original cassette, i'm going to post this thing...
the tracks are in a different order, cut in different ways, additional remixes added, some bits removed and a re-recording of one track.
this is the cdr release, with one additional version of a track from the cdr from 2010 just for additional s'n'g's.
90% of the material here is single source stuff, as was how the old internal empty operated.   Until i can get around to ripping the original tape and scanning one of the original do what you want.
 some of my faves are 'the polemic science" and "SINK[V.1]"  oh well.

1. the polemic science
2. collapsed lung(part1)
4.collapsed lung(part2)
5.pulminary merge(remix#2)
6.pulminary merge
7.the heart of it all (forced Re-creation)
9.external oblique
10.the inane ordeal
11.absolvexoxo(crawling through broken glass)
12.absolvexoxo(walking on broken glass)
14.prosthetic trappings
15.physical reconstruction of the nonexistent
16.binge and purge
absolution (REplacement2010)

**and yes, track 15 is a big fat typo on the cd artwork

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