Monday, May 17, 2010

toxic church - "systems failure" (1994 MTF records)

i always thought this was a bit sample heavy, but perhaps i was wrong.  after all, this follows much the same pattern as with the insanely popular kanye west stuff where the samples are played like any other instrument, vocals in the way be damned.
i'm not sure how i feel about it now, but it isn't straight up bad.
the inner pic isn't that flattering, but one could make the case that no one looks good in a pic with a key-tar.

1 Pharmakeia 4:40
2 First-World-Monkey 3:51
3 Dunamis 4:00
4 Bio-Fear 4:56
5 Battle Fatigue 3:40
6 Old Man 2:38
7 National Pride 3:56
8 Martyr’s Revenge 4:56
9 The Truth 3:46
10 State Of The Union 3:05
11 The Keeper 4:39  *bonus track*


  1. Oh, I think your first impressions were correct...

  2. i hate to be a pest, but any chance of reupping this one as well?