Monday, May 31, 2010

Internal Empty - "anti-elocutionist" (2008)

track 1. "all over the place" slow noise synth pe rumble squirt. travels quite a distance in its 48 minute run time.
track 2. rhythmic noise w/ some ambient elements. noise and percussion fight it out.
track 3 "Chladni Figures" moves slowly from quiet ambience to jarring rhythmic noise. 
due to storage failures this one was almost lost for good...after re-listening to it a couple of times, i'm quite glad that it survived.
converted from aac m4a to mp3 for the blog.
a note from Captain Obvious: this album just does not work if you're listening with earbuds.  listening w/earbuds really degrades the experience.

1. spoil the attractiveness of afterbirth              47:54
2. i could have done something to save us all    14.25
3. chladni figures                                            15:48

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