Thursday, July 1, 2010

Emil Beaulieau / Armenia - "SPLIT" (2003 bizarre audio arts)

an anonymous review from
"Another great split release from Armenia. This time it is with the God Father of noise in America, RRRon. Both tracks are great in their own right but for different reasons. Emil Beaulieau is a live track that has a few different tracks meshed into one long one, which is the way a live recording short stay. The noise is blasting and very typical of Ron.
Armenia creates one of his best pieces on this disc. Loops of noise and shots of fire penetrate your ears. The sound clip loop of "Armenia" adds such a nice touch to the track. The artwork is a dear too. Two lovers in heavenly rapture."

1.Emil Beaulieau - Chicago 2003       37:38
2 Armenia - Los Ojos Del Lobo         33:06


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