Thursday, July 8, 2010

lackthrow - "hem jesti" (2003 alOne)

forgot all about this...
fast-paced vocal/feedback harsh noise
found a copy of the tracks on an old mix cd(fortunately), as the actual cdrs were given out long ago.
no gaps on the cdr, so as to cram as much audio as possible onto the format.
if memory serves(which it may not), a couple of these tracks were edited slightly for the actual cdr, as the running time was a smidge too long.
novelty item.

1.hem jesti  0:59
2.hem jesti  0:36
3.hem jesti  1:08
4.hem jesti  1:07
5.hem jesti  0:45
6.hem jesti  1:09
7.hem jesti  1:03
8.hem jesti  0:44


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