Sunday, September 26, 2010

lackthrow - "disingenuous dictionary" (2008 alOne)

first post of this (that i'm aware of) was at

here is a copy of the text from that site:

"The first is by a man named Lackthrow. I have the split he did with Richard Ramirez and enjoyed his side of it a lot.  The album is pretty ambient in parts, but it immediately ramps up to the noise terror. In comparison to his split it has a lot more breathing room, which I enjoy, and a lot more low end, also a plus. There are also some pretty creepy vocal work that reminds me of how people sound when they are melting in movies. I think the best way though to describe it is as a demonic orchestra that's well out of tune and about 1000 strong. It also reminds me of Richard Ramirez's newer work as Werewolf Jerusalem. Overall a very solid work.

You can check out the split HERE at Terror Noise Audio along with a piece of his other work under the name Internal Empty HERE.

Lackthrow - Disingenuous Dictionary
1. Worldsend (Down Mix)
2. One Through Twenty Seconds (String Version)
3. Literary Excuses/Example 1 (V.2)
4. Worldsend (Take 2)
5. Mr. Brumby's Prison (Imaginary to Passers By)
6. SIX
7. Our Fates... (First Take)
8. Worldsend (Low Lounge Mix)

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