Friday, August 10, 2012

requests and re ups

first apologies.
i would love to be able to re up everything at the snap of a finger, however....

as you may or may not know, between megaupload going down, and my mediafire account being killed due to copyright infringement claims from some sort of b.s. porn lawyer(TRULY a mystery) as well as myself (please, tell me how the FUCK that works!) nearly everything prior to about april 2012 has been deleted.
it should be clear that re-upping several years worth of stuff is difficult and time consuming, neverminding the fact that many things are on several drives or dvds or cds spread throughout some distance.  i'll re-up what i can, when i can, in fact, a bunch are scheduled for ...well very soon.
in the mean time check out:

i've uploaded internal empty and lackthrow there, as well as the previously unreleased in any digital format a hymn for her debut from 1998.

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