Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Six Feet Deep - "struggle" (1994 r.e.x.)

not to be confused with death metal band six feet under.

groovier (imo-you can drown in some of these grooves) than the follow up more hardcore 'the road less traveled'
this one has always been my fave, but both are rockin.
its easy to label this as 'hardcore', which it is, but its more than that.
you can definitely feel some early rap-core influence and metal.
i've always been a weirdo about vocals...luckily i was quite pleased with these here; gruff, loud, but not just shouting.

1. Angry Son 4:14
2. Front 3:09
3. Struggle 4:03
4. Regret 4:12
5. Condemnation 4:24
6. Nemesis 3:07
7. Valley Of Salt 3:09
8. Homeless 4:46
9. Land Of The Blind 4:17
10. Release  4:45 (cd length was 15 min +... most of which was silence. i cut out the silence and posted the hidden bonus track separately:
11. 110% -hidden track      3:09


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  1. Great Album! i was just thinking about this one the other day