Friday, May 23, 2014

LUNG - "3 heads on a plate" (1992 yellow bike records)

i really didn't appreciate this when i got it (shame on me), but then again i bought it at a high import price from a jacked distro who described it incredibly different than it is.  (you'll see that this sounds nothing like brigherdeathnow or mental destruction)
so strange...see for their classification.
anyway, its a shame because almost 20 years later (most of) this album thrills me.

1. Paralysis 3:11 
2. Elvis Arsehole 3:17 
3. Splinter 4:34 
4. Mary's Mother 2:39 
5. Swing 4:09 
6. Cot Death Baby 4:00 
7. Slaughterhouse 4:45 
8. Resuscitate 2:56 
9. Johnny Favourite 3:35 
10. Venus 3:44 
11. Car Crash 3:12 
12. Exit 2:47 
13. Compellor 4:29 
14. Melonoma 2:36


  1. I do have Cactii - I'll work on getting mp3s of it. I also have this album, but it is the Restless Records version with a different cover, and also a different song list. I can't remember what exactly is different right now, but I know that Swing is the first track, and the one about Elvis uses the American spelling of that title :)

    I first heard about that Lung through a Christan music mail order service - they listed it as "industrial." Then I saw the CD in a Sam Goody or something and snagged it. Not industrial, but I liked. Of course, the language made me wonder why Christian outlets were covering it - they wouldn't touch anything with cussing with a ten foot pole back then. Maybe they just weren't listening :) Anyways, I did some research and found out that Lung used to be called The Clear, which had also been covered by some Christian outlets. But again, still not sure why. Still trying to figure out the connection. I'm not saying they can't be Christians, just wondering would something like this slipped by the anal gate-keepers of the day when many others didn't.

  2. Here is the link to Cactii:

  3. i bought it from a christian mail order thing too, also listing it as industrial and going beyond that making it sound like something very different from what it is. the language thing puzzled me a bit at the time as well, as the christian label. of course they could be christian or not, doesn't really matter as it isn't the music that is christian or not. its all just music...pretty good in this case, though it took me years to think so. i totally hear ya on the 'gate-keepers' of back then, they were much tighter back then. i didn't know about 'the clear' i might have to look into it. thanks very much for the info and the mp3s!!!! i really never thought i'd hear it. i'll dig some tonight :) cheers!