Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mortal- "Intense Live Series Vol. 5" (1993 intense records)

“The Intense Live Series was developed to capture in studio the excitement and spontaneity of a live performance, without over dubs, extraneous production tricks or edits.”
this is was a cool series of of EPs. the other bands to do it were Rose, Die Happy, and Tourniquet and Deliverance. all are good, though the die happy one didn't do much for me...but so what..tastes are subjective.
that being said, this mortal one is awesome. heh.

first off, its really great how they have such a seemingly strange selection of songs here.
the first track originally appeared on the techno cd by the band members former project, jyradelix, here (successfully) given more of a rock feel. this is striking because mortal were an electronic project for the first couple of albums which came before this. tracks 2 and 6 are from the debut mortal's release 'lusis'.
track 3 is a cover of the U2 song 'one tree hill'
track 4 is from mortal second, harder, industrial-metal release "fathom" but this time we get treated to allan aquirre from scaterd few and spy glass blue on vocals. as it turns out i prefer this to the original by a good bit...and the original was awesome. track 5 is a cover of 'thy word' which was written and performed by amy grant and michael w. smith originally, definitely an unexpected cover for those who loved mortal's work before this ep.
at the time that this came out...well the obvious question presented itself...how will one of those industrialrock/industrialmetal bands come off stripped down...well, as we later came to realize over the years following th is ep...mortal does very well...this ep was the first taste of that.
this is definitely one of my faves from the series. enjoy

1 Lift (3:22) (jyradelix cover)
2 Tuesday Assassin (5:33)
3 One Tree Hill (4:05) (U2 cover)
4 Rift (4:21) (featuring allan aguirre from scaterd few)
5 Thy Word (Homage To Amy Grant And Michael w. Smith - cover) (3:59)
6 Cryptic (5:42)

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