Monday, July 22, 2013

Tourniquet - "intense live series volume 2" (1993)

1."Phantom Limb" – 6:27
2."Medley: Ark of Suffering / Sterotaxic Atrocities  (medley)
" – 5:20
3.(in studio) – 0:17
4."Whitewashed Tomb" – 4:21
5."The Skeezix Dilemma" – 7:37
6."The Tempter" (Trouble cover) – 6:10
7.(in studio) – 0:22
8."The Messiah" (Bloodgood cover) – 4:51

Tourniquet was in a transition period during the recording of this disc as they had recently lost their original (main) vocalist (Guy Ritter) and had not yet hooked up with Luke Easter. Guitarist Gary Lenaire took up the vocal duties for most of the songs. This was not unusual for him as he had shared duties with Guy Ritter on all of Tourniquet's former albums as well. The parts usually performed by Guy Ritter were sung by guest vocalist Les Carlsen of Bloodgood. This disc includes a biography of the band and session notes by executive producer Terry Taylor.


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