Friday, August 2, 2013

Wheatus - "wheatus" (2000 columbia)

every once in a while its worth looking beyond the 'one hit wonder' thing.
 i was VERY surprised as to how good it was after hearing the hit single and only the hit single for the last many years.
when i first heard "teenage dirtbag"  i thought..."my god, the rest of the album must sound like total shit...good thing they lucked out with a somewhat relatable single"....but i was wrong...
wheatus did it well
and they were wicked underrated (known)

1. truffles
2. sunshine
3. teenage dirtbag
4. a little respect
5. hump 'em n' dump 'em
6. leroy
7. hey mr. brown
8. love is a mutt from hell
9. punk ass bitch
10. wanna be gangstar

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