Wednesday, July 6, 2022

ABFALL / THE END - "split" (late 90's/early 00's)[re-up 2022]

if you bought this, you probably loved it, and you probably have spent the last several years wishing that you could listen to it (thank you, once again, paper label cds).
anyway here it is:
abfall's track is harsh noise. good old fashioned analogue yum yums
the end's tracks are sample heavy speedy dirty experimental industrial...which is a great pairing with abfall.
be warned though...this shit will stick in your head long after you listen. hey...i warned you.

1. ∆߃∆11 - the littlest angel strangler

2.The ∑π∂  - asphyxiation
3. -guilty pervert
4. -thirst for blood
5. -perverse pleasures
6. -corpsefucker
7. -biological attack
8. -victim eyes
9. -graveyard addict


  1. tim from abfall here. thanks

  2. thank you tim! so very glad i ripped the cd all those years ago. i hate the thought that so many awesome releases are now lost because of formats we used and/or labeling.

  3. Odd from END here. Hails to Tim. Tx and stay sick 🖤