Saturday, February 1, 2014

christian plumber - "Yes, Virginia, There Are Christian Plumbers." (early/mid 90's)

nevermind the basic lack of cover art.
this is a pretty good piece.
it has aged REALLY REALLY well.

i tried, boy did i try, but i couldn't figure out how to cut this tape.

so here is the whole thing (programme repeated on both sides of the tape)
the tracks listed, in order are here (click to enlarge)



  1. lol where did you dig that up from? I am scott the original cp. I would love to have a copy of that if you have the tech to put it on disc. Thanx for the blast from the past

  2. sorry didn't notice you cut it thank you much

  3. i think i got all my christian plumber and c.p. stuff directly from you. click on the omega deal to download it, its not perfect, but i did the best i could.

  4. I honestly think CP may be a Clang Quartet side-project, given both guys are christian, named Scott and apparently have a thing for Godzilla flicks. Care to explain, Mr. Busbee?

    1. i can assure they're unrelated. clang quartet was unaware of the early xian noise scene or its artists a couple of years ago when i asked him. christian plumber was active in the 90's and ran a couple of labels associated with cling records. oh and the scotts look nothing alike.

    2. But what a coincidence, right? Thanks for the background, I wouldn't have even known CP existed if not for this blog.

  5. got your message anonymous via email. tried to allow your comment here, but it isn't there...