Saturday, February 8, 2014

clew of theseus + black sand desert - "OBELISK" (2002 cathartic process)

i just about pooped myself when i got this when it came out.
see for yourself why i was so excited.
if that's possible 
re-listening just now some of these tracks inspired 
a sense of joy and relaxation, i shit thee not.

1. black sand desert - hive mind part 1
2. black sand desert - dirt rash
3. black sand desert - stone fall
4. black sand desert - animus
5. black sand desert - hive mind part 2
6. black sand desert - heat hydra
7. clew of theseus - falling apart
8. clew of theseus - political suicide
9. clew of theseus - she's had enough
10. clew of theseus - development
11. clew of theseus - it's not my fault
1. clew of theseus - this seething (live)
2. clew of theseus - fire eater (live)
3. black sand desert - vomiting scrap metal part 2 and 1/3 (live)
4. obelisk(bsd+cot) - hallowe'en
5. obelisk(bsd+cot) - through chains


  1. Any chance you could re-up this?

  2. ?

    It would be greatly appreciated.

  3. i'll re-up it as soon as i can.

    1. unless i give the fuck up first.

    2. haha :o

      yah i checked back and was like wah, there's no link, mahn.

      might just include in my order when cathartic process is updated again.

  4. Love doesnt exist. Only the struggle is real