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Order of Melchizedek - "And Then, As Death Gives Way to Victory, I'll See the Lights of Glory and I'll Know He Lives (Private Edition)" (2005 Ambimorpheous Recordings)

this is the private edition. (and a very special personal one at that)
limited to 20 numbered copies.
This Pro Pressed CDr is dedicated to the loving memory of Cheryl Petrus, Jerry Macinka and Barbra Iacobucci.

a review from:

Compulsion Online 

Sullivan's main concern is Order of Melchizedek and ...As Death Gives Way To Victory... is the second full-length release following the double 3-inch CD-R set Domine, Ex Audi Vocem Meam, Domine. ...As Death Gives Way... concerns itself with death, dying and the shredding of the physical. Unlike Eye of God, released under the name 7 SE7EN 7, ...As Death Gives Way... is a much darker release, minimal with sound confined to electronics and droning, that makes little use of spoken samples.

The long-titled opening track 'And Then, As Death Gives Way to Victory, I'll See the Lights of Glory and I'll Know He Lives' is wrapped up in melodramatic slabs of gothic keyboards, interwoven with a classical melody. It sets the tone admirably for this treatise on death. From then on it continuously sheds the keyboard chords and percussive layers in the form of rattling percussion and timpani drum rolls that appear on 'Golgotha 1st Movement' and 'Spiritual Euphoria' as it edges towards more abstract territory. That said the opening of 'Feast of Flesh and Blood' resembles the main theme of John Carpenter's Halloween but it quickly disintegrates into silence, reappearing as a series of quietly shuddering deep drones.

The entire middle section of ...As Death Gives Way... is characterized by some experimental drone based material. The rumbling, droning and shimmering electronics of 'Golgotha 2nd Movement' echo the slightly spacey sounds of 7 SE7EN 7. 'Hope Left To Die' burrows much deeper with shrill pierces and quavering electronics, 'Foreseen Conundrum' is much more torturous with an ever increasing series of sweeping drones, amid short noise blasts. 'The End of the Physical' which marks the end of the original version of ...As Death Gives Way... is like a little symphony on death. Opening with looped classical music, it gives way to a somber piece of majestic chords performed on the keyboard.

...As Death Gives Way... was released with variations in the track list in two different forms: a private and public issue. This public edition features three tracks, including the original version of 'Distant Promise', not available on the private issue. The best of which is 'Lessons of Faith' that lets loose some torturous churning electronics punctuated by short piercing keyboard stabs.

-Tony Dickie

1. ...As Death Gives Way To Victory...
2. Golgotha, 1st Movement
3. Spiritual Euphoria
4. Feast Of Flesh And Blood
5. Golgotha, 2nd Movement
6. Hope Left To Die
7. Distant Promise
8. Foreseen Cunnundrum
9. The End Of The Physical
10. Golgotha, Reprise
11. Xenos, Walking Into Bethlehem

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