Saturday, November 1, 2014

anaphylaxis/Signalbleed - "split" (2000 anaphylactic shock)

This was the second split cd from anaphylaxis after the d-503 split cd. It was long-delayed due to various circumstances, and was sadly limited to only 13 copies due to production problems. It was released at Cornerstone 2001 and is now out of print.
The anaphylaxis tracks from this release were re-released on the respite cd reissue.


1. Germ Engines
2. Revived
3. Glory Be to the Father (though His children discourage me)
4. Cheap Media Cuts
5. March to Bird Tree
6. Programming
7. Broken Transmitter (unlicensed repairs mix)
8. Snapshot '94
9. Petroleum Glaze


10. road song

12. level

Signalbleed tracks mastered by Andrew Powell, early 2000.

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