Friday, July 10, 2020

Final Judgement - "drastic dose of reality" (1993 self released)

thrash, thrash, death, grunt.

Released as Cassette demo single and 45 demo single, Limited to 500
hand-numbered copies.

i bought 'desolating sacrilege' album on cassette soon after the demo  tape, and then years later again on cd. 

"drastic.." was released as a pre-album demo/promo with different mixes.
sounds great & has 4 songs:

Side A:
1. Covenant with Evil
2. Habitual Sacrifice
Side B:
3. I Do What I Do Not Want to Do
4. Punishable by Death

Ī© re-up request


  1. Can you re-up this one ? I used to have it years.......ago and would love to have it again

  2. I'll look around the next couple days. I'm sure, ive still got the rip...someplacešŸ˜€

  3. yes. re-upped desolating sacrilege too.

    1. Thank You very much !!!! I appreciate it !!!!