Friday, March 24, 2023

globalWAVEsystem - "Dead=Live" *REUP 3-24-2023* (1992/1997 gws)

Limited edition CD-r; only fifty copies were made.
the cds themselves were spraypainted silver. (sparkly, shiny, pretty!)
surprisingly this still plays. what a lucky duck to get this one as i loved the first full length which was widely available.
i'm enjoying this disc again right now...

Liner Notes:
The tracks on this recording were completed in November 1992, anticipating live globalwavesystem performances that never happened. The mixed are all more in line with the band's intended sound for the full-length album Life Equals Death, which was recorded in a rush in August, 1992.

These versions of the songs represent some of the most interesting changes in the arrangements from the album. All are instrumental versions with no instruments excluded for live performances.

"Evaluate," from the original Will Not Play With Power 1.35, and the never-before released cover track, "The Hydrogen Bomb," have also been included.

"The (Hydrogen) Bomb" is an instrumental cover of the Lifesavers Underground song, "The Bomb."

1.deathstroke to youth (deathmix II)'s only natural (natural dub for the club)
3.X (noisex) was born there
5.soul like ice (commitment start)
6.commitment (old start new end)
7.plug out (dallas)
9.yukionna (hot/cold)
10.2cinc! (rec mute mix)
12.evaluate (short)
13.the (hydrogen) bomb


  1. It downloaded but when I try to open the tracks nothing happens. What is happening?

  2. Nevermind. I was trying to open the Mac versions. Duh. You don't happen to have the stuff before life equals death do you? It was cassette only release, I think.

  3. yeah they had 2 cassettes i think. i think i have a comp. track from that period but that's about it. you know what's super bizarre? gws acoustic in a small tent. seriously:)

  4. any chance of reupping this? i have been looking for it for ages.

  5. Thank you very much. :)

  6. Depositfile useless because of captcha has no option for english. Cannot get past captcha.

  7. The download for the tracks won't work for me, is there another way for me to get these tracks? I never heard these before and I'm a big GWS fan.

  8. Need REUP of album.. Please Upload it.

  9. I found it, reup is being worked on :)

  10. Thanks! Great write up! New one to me! 50 copies!? Thanks again!!