Monday, November 17, 2008


the new dismal ambient doom dark soundscape goth

dismal XX

1 a hymn for her-dismal intro (live)
2 Underjordiska-En Ensam Älva from Landscapes of Depression
3 Silbernacht-Liebe Und Verfall (Love And Decay) from Liebe Und Verfall
4 shroud of bereavement-effloresce from alone beside her
5 shroud of bereavement-unsanctified from alone beside her
6 celar-the seperation of the two phased apple blossom from Discourses Of The Withered
7 merzbow + richard pinhas-Merzdon/Heldow Kills Animal Killers from Keio Line
8 Ad Lux Tenebrae-To the Grieving One... from Sketches From That Autumn
9 lackthrow-a wish has been made currently unreleased
10 fungoid stream-the book from Celaenus Fragments
11 sopor aeternus-may i kiss your wound from Songs From the Inverted Womb
12 fungoid stream-celaenus fragments from Celaenus Fragments
13 the ruins of beverast-skeleton coast from unlock the shrine
14 ruhr hunter-denned earth decay and rebirth from moss and memory
15 Sombre Présage-Messe Noire from Infernale Procession
16 black seas of infinity-pallid stardust of the moons blind sister from Within Daathian Chasms
17 ad lux tenebrae-indigenous 1 from Sketches From That Autumn

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