Friday, November 14, 2008

mörkermännen- "hell on earth" cd (2005 blunt object)

a real treat here.
the mind behind Maim and Black Pope (also a member of a tale of less) returns with his mörkermännen project.  amazing power electronics and noise. old and new school approaches taken to manifest this fantastic release.  Released on blunt object in 2005. limited to 200 copies in a dvd case.    

if you're fortunate enough to find a copy on ebay buy it!  
this is classy stuff.

1. hunting ground
2. self-immolation
3. though we are in the bowels of hell, we shall have the eyes
4. the gallows
5. hell on earth
6. i was born to murder the world (aspberger's syndrome re-visited)
7. black smoke, black earth
8. the ninth circle (the circle of traitors)
9. self immolation (version II)
10. cleanse
11. shattered angel
12. the braquemard


  1. do love this release. it has everything intelligent p.e needs to be interessting. still tryin' to get this vocals reproduced ;)

  2. everything jonas did should be listened to imho!