Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nordvargr-enter nordvargr 2 (mp3 2005)

as this was released as a free web release in the first place i doubt i'm stepping on any toes here.
that being said, if you didn't find it before and see it now grab it up.
dark noise with percussive, industrial, ambient, and some vaguely black idm touches.

nordvargr needs no introduction. 

1 Henrik N. Björkk* Steril 2 (2:57)
2 Henrik N. Björkk* Patterns Emerging LD CELP (4:11)
3 All Hail The Transcending Ghost(Henrik N Björkk and Tim Bertilsson) Intornator (2:24)
4 Henrik N. Björkk* Noma Klaw (Edit) (5:00)
5 Goatvargr(Andy O’Sullivan & Henrik Nordvargr Björkk) Fix (4:01)
6 Henrik N. Björkk* Interrupted By Light And Vision (5:07)
7 Henrik N. Björkk* Sammi Calls (3:21)
8 Henrik N. Björkk* Sepul (4:27)
9 Henrik N. Björkk* Bakom Ilskan (5:20)
10 Henrik N. Björkk* Steril (8:21)

Notes: Free download available originally here:

1 Short remixed version of "Steril", the last track of this album.
Will soon appear on a limited CDR compilation from VUZ.
2 Previously unreleased.
3 This is a stripped and raw version of "Intornator" from the upcoming album.
4 The full verison will appear later this year on the "The dead never sleep" CD from OEC.
5 Previously unreleased.
6 Previously unreleased.
7 Previously unreleased.
8 Previously unreleased.
9 Previously unreleased. Was intended to be included on the "On Broken Wings Towards Victory" CD, but never made it.
10 From the forthcoming CD "Vitagen" on Essence Music.

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