Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hornswoggle- "bite the waxed tadpole" cassette (1996 Oral Gestation Artefacts)

"Bite the Waxed Tadpole" personal fave Hornswoggle album from the 90's. apparently released with different artwork (see above)  really great (not harsh) noise release, again on oral gestation artifacts.  it'll take you into another world if you let it. good stuff. highly recommended!

from one of the few things i could find on hornswoggle on the net now: "Oral Gestation Artifacts are the producers several art-noise projects, the main of which being Hornswoggle. St. Louis' O.G.A. consists of Zygurat Q. Consortium and Beta Carrotene. other collaborators vary with each project and live performance/recording. the sound is always completely spontaneous and intuitive, involving whatever instruments or non-instruments are available. O.G.A. is very influenced by the DADA and surrealist art movements of the 20th century."

tracks 1- 8 untitled

*thanks to mr. wheeler from cradle->grave for the additional scan

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  1. wow! i have this cassette, and have been wanting to listen to it for a while - alas i have no cassette player. this'll do just nicely...

    I could scan the cover if you'd like.