Saturday, September 1, 2012

mortal - "pura" (1995 intense)

what a weird left turn mortal made with this album.
fans of their older sound will dig at least 2 songs on this one. (2 and 7)

1 Judah 5:23
2 Grip 4:13
3 Sand Starr 0:52
4 Solamente 5:03
5 Nightfall & Splendor 6:00
6 Pura 7:23
7 Liquid Gift 4:39
8 Gaza 5:09
9 Bells 4:13
10 The Nightfall 4:05



  1. i never explored any Mortal after Fathom. I didn't mind the first 2 Fold Zandura albums, but Mortal seemed to lose it's way after that.

  2. i lost track of fold zan as well, the first one was okay as i remember. the MORTAL live series disc was awesome...and wake is a good album as well. it threw me for a loop when i first heard it...since it sounds nothing like the previous mortal stuff. i pretty much agree with you tho. nu-en-jin got back to the electronics more however, not bad. have you heard juggernautz?

  3. no, i haven't heard juggernautz. i agree with the Mortal live series ep... that was/is still good.

  4. i may post it and nu en jin soon:)

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