Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trou de Loup - "Cerebral Corset" (1994 oral gestation artefacts/regicide bureau)

A1 Sorry Moustache (Dedicated To Peter Davidson)

A2 Monosurrealist

B1 Is It Dandruff, Or Is It Parmesan?

B2 Portent Storm

B3 The Dough Also Rises: Being The Unholy Earthly Advent Of The Yeast Beast From The Brazen Piepan Altar Of Our Greed Forged From The Remains Of The Molten Tokens Of Caesar's Plunder, That Leaven's The Whole Lump Of Our Corrupted Consciousness. Part One

B4 Kachina

B5 The Ultramontane Answer

B6 Musings On A Miniature Monastic Flogging

B7 Good Little Robots

Additional notes:
Released on C62. Due to manufacturing errors, 8 minutues of the original recordings disappeared in the duplication process.

Recorded live with no overdubs in Smell-O-Vision, August '94."
(Info from liner notes.)

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