Monday, March 9, 2009


the full length, self-titled debut of Mortiis side project Fata Morgana is some pretty sweet fairytale medieval influenced ambient, much like some of his earlier 'era 1' ambience.
the follow up ep is outdated sounding techno (it sounded outdated when it was released) experiments with some of the ambient elements added.  (they sound nothing alike)

fata morgana - fata morgana (1995)

1 Stargazer (4:37)
2 Søk Din Ånd (5:40)
3 A Forset Path (4:16)
4 Fata Morgana (9:08)
5 Distant Thunder (5:58)
6 The Last Rainbow King (5:24)
7 Purple Sky (4:17)

fata morgana - space race (1996)

1. space race
2. robot city

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