Thursday, March 5, 2009

k.k. Null - " Kosmo Incognita EP " (2005 Thisco)

limited edition of 200 copies.

From Connexion Bizarre:

"Kazuyuki Kishino is such a prolific author that it's almost impossible to follow all of his releases in labels as different as ThisCo or Blossoming Noise.
This new sound object is original in it's concept because it consists of a 19:48 minute track recorded in several Tokyo locations. It is a long, throbbing wound that penetrates into the listener's brain until it crushes each and every of his neurons.One perceives quite a few analog sounds triturated from old synths and impressive distortion effects. Little by little, rhythms add themselves to radio frequencies and the chaotic magma becomes a deafening crawling pulsation. KK Null works sound textures with a sculptor's finesse and once again offers us renewed and unending aural pleasure.
This release is enthralling, like everything this artist has produced since his Zeni Geva period and his collaborations with the cream of international noise and comtemporaneous music. I am one of his fans and will remain so for a long time because this man inspires me in my own music and my own plastic vision.
My homage, master."

1. kosmo incognita


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