Friday, June 2, 2017

Frank's Enemy - "neoblasphemies" (1996 Cling records/CMG)

neoblasphemies was f.e.'s second "big label" cd. Frank's Enemy has always been some sort of weird...funk, grindcore, punk, electronic elements, death metal, growls and gutteral grunts, screams, noise, clean vocals, acoustic, thrash, ska, and a heap of crazy mixing.
Make no mistake, this is fuckin heavy.

1. I Think
2. Human Reich
3. Imbecile Factory
4. Cannibalized
5. Uncalled For
6. Torturer
7. Inevitable
8. Cauldron
9. Hanging On A Tree
10. In Answer
11. Stephen Hawking Walked Away



  1. Stephen Hawking Walked Away is the best song on this record.

  2. go figure, its one of my least liked on the album. of course, with a band like frank's enemy that is bound to happen...they try so much stuff. can't please everyone all of the time, but pleasing some some of the time is pretty good