Friday, June 2, 2017

saviour machine - "0" (1990 indie)

from wikipedia:
 "Eric Clayton's most ambitious work has been Saviour Machine, which released two studio albums Saviour Machine I (1993) and Saviour Machine II (1994) before starting the Legend trilogy that strictly focuses on the end times, Book of Revelation and prophecies about the biblical apocalypse. The band has also released a compilation album titled Synopsis (2003), the live albums Live in Deutschland 1995 and Live in Deutschland 2002. Both were also filmed and released on VHS and DVD format. The band was originally signed to Christian metal label Frontline Records but gothic metal in all its visual appearance was misunderstood in US Christian scenes, and eventually Saviour Machine began work with MCM Music and Massacre Records, labels based in Germany where the band was more popular than in US. In 1997 Saviour Machine performed at Wacken Open Air, the biggest exclusively metal music festival in the world.
Eric Clayton has on and off been working on the last album in the Legend series, Legend Part III:II, which should have been the last Saviour Machine album. The album was supposed to be released on July 7, 2007, but was postponed due to Clayton's esophageal condition called Barrett's Esophagus which was diagnosed in 2004 but eventually got worse.[2]
Clayton has compiled The Collective Journals (1997–2009) released in 2010 available at the band website. Soon after performing a handful of unplugged Saviour Machine-shows in The Netherlands and Germany in 2013, Eric Clayton officially broke up the band, abandoned the unfinished Legend-project, and retired from the music business. He is still committed to playing at Ayreon's Theater Equation shows in Holland in September 2015."