Friday, June 2, 2017

various artists - "Sounds of Approaching Destruction volume 1" (1998 THTUnderground)

"Extreme dark music compilation with styles ranging from black metal, melodic death metal, doom, gothic, to haunting experimental music. Bands featured: DEUTERONOMIUM (Finland), KEKAL (Indonesia), DEVOUT (NZ), NECROMANCE (germany), PARADOX (UK), TWITCH (USA), SACRIFICIUM (Germany), MANIFESTIUM (Finland), ANATHOTH, THE FLUOXETINE EFFECT (USA), & VITALITY (Norway)."

side A:

1.deuteronomium - blue moment
2.kekal - a day the hatred dies
3.devout - scolded in evil
4.necromance - vom hindern
5.paradox - a prayer of suffering
6.twitch(pre-lackthrow) - sheep's clothing (cleanversion)

side B:

7.sacrificium - verify error
8.manifestium - kehraaja
9.anathoth - funeral of the olden creation
10.the fluoxetine effect - fateful compulsion
11.vitality - away from destruction

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