Saturday, November 5, 2011

lackthrow - "abiding stream" (2006 alOne)

"*"too many little problems to fix" begins the disc with a short clipped out feedback and synth noise track fitting of its title.

"a toe in the water" comes next with digital static whir starting things off before introducing bass tones and crunchy percussive elements. high pitched tones jump and jag over the top, popping in and out as they please,
followed by noise loops which fall in on themselves before turning back to bass noise crunch and the introduction of quiet segments offset by manipulated vocal and synth repetitions. The track picks up the pace again with bassy thumps, leaving room for quiet moments here and there punctuated by frequent returns to the blender...

"hickory remix" is a short piece (1:27) derived from source material recorded during the "hickory" sessions in 2004/2005 consisting of feedback, screams, grunts and pitch shifted voice.

the sound of the first half of title track, "abiding stream" is anything but, with its out of the blue left turns, juttering stop/starts, delay and cut up bits of loud then quiet noise soup. The second half somehow wanders around and melts into a noisy ambient sludge which steps just a bit quicker than the drone it could have been if it had been drop kicked down several notes and minutes before switching into the feedback,reverb,echo,screaming sounds of lackthrow circa 2002.
"abiding stream" conceptually, as a noise 'stream of consciousness' type thing? sure.

there is definitely a digital handprint on this one, despite the many analogue sources, so if that turns you off, you've been warned.*"

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