Tuesday, November 15, 2011

lackthrow - "Lyndi vol. XI"

11th part of the series (2005-????)

originally slated for release on b&r records (brrecords.com) 
its been years now since B&R released anything(Lyndi vol.V was in their last batch), so i'm assuming they're down for the time being.
so now for the first time, i'm posting the rest of this series on this blog.  i figured it was time to stop waiting & make it available

1. safehere (2:20 master)
2. she is not waiting outside my door (2007)
3. nothing said at all (clarity)
4. you don't know the nightmares i live with! (like a conjoined twin)
5. at night
6. two halves
7. sprouted along the spine
8. lyndi part 10
9. coming out of it (2005)
10. nothing said (obfuscation)
11. repeatedlytextingadisconnectednumber


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