Saturday, November 5, 2011

various artists "KAUSING A KOMMOTION a tribute to madonna (2001 Nihilist)


easily in the top 5 tribute albums of all time.
the original cd had a mastering error by which several tracks were smashed together.  i have (painstakingly) corrected this incredibly frustrating flaw; each track in the playlist is represented on its own NOW, as it should be.
For your first time (at the least), a listening, in order, front to back, is encouraged.
the very cool (and HUGE) package of (hi-res) artwork is included below.

*side note: this compilation produced what might be my favorite masonna track.

1. experimenting
2. Venerealectric – Causing A Commotion
3. i think mtv...
4. Bl@klite – Material Girl
5. no comment...
6. Masonna – Like A Virgin
7. i chained myself...
8. Women Of Sodom – Lourdes Prayer
9. it's noise...
10. Kingdom Of Filth – Don't Stop
11. give me the drugs
12. Zipper Spy – Madam
13. madonna don't preach...
14. Sockeye – Papa Don't Preach
15. all i can say is...
16. Averse Sefira – Into The Groove
17. what if?
18. Garment Bladder – Secret
19. censorship
20. Haters, The – Who's That Girl?
21. in the spotlight
22. Goblins, The – Lucky Star
23. i love you people...
24. Hornswoggle – Live To Tell
25. well...
26. Sleep Chamber – Secret Garden
27. that's what happens...
28. Jak Shit – Crazy For You
29. omg
30. Panicsville – You'll See
31. F. Stein – Like A Prayer
32. worship




  1. i couldn't be happier to do it! :)

  2. any chance on a re-upload of this? christ knows, i'd love to hear it again...

  3. yes, absolutely! its on some other drive...which i'll have to locate, crack open the tower and install, but i'll get it back up:)