Saturday, December 5, 2009

Entrata Aperta - "the mirror sheds tears" (199? Autoproduzioni Ana Peste)

E.A. describes itself as a kind of ghost project or ghostly collective.
The individuals involved in the creation of the music changes with each project, as well as the meaning of the letters E.A.
The driving force behind E.A. is Raffaele Gallucci.

woefully amazing musical dark ambient.
you're gonna be surprised..what a treat you're in for..

A1 Traum 1:36
A2 Drops Of Ashes 5:41
A3 Lenses Stained With Blood 3:59
A4 Cancer Lachrymatory And Grey Mouths 12:23
A5 Photos Of Mass-Murders 4:58
B1 Porno-Landscapes 11:41
B2 Unhuman Trobs 4:46
B3 Anguish Inorganic Eyes 4:10
B4 Final Oasis Of Wheezing 6:58
B5 Haemorrage Yourself 1:55

Name Variations: E.A. | Elfo Atomico | Emanazione Afona | Energia Astrale | Enigma Analogico | Entrata Aperta | Essere Amore | Estasi Acida

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