Monday, December 7, 2009


so here is a bit more of the wonderful stuff from noiseman433
no cover art**
noiseman433- "in memoriam john cage" (2003 Legion Sudan)
7 untitled tracks

noiseman433- "winter :four seasons part 2"(2003 I.N.K. Recordings)

1 Allegro
2 Adagio
3 La Caccia

noiseman433- "live tracks+"not actually a proper release but a collection of live tracks circa 2002-20047 tracks

T.E.C. -tracks from web (T.E.C. is a spacey ambient blend of experimental noise madness with Bobby Vomit on modified turntables, broken records, electronics and Noiseman433 on cello, electronics.)this is a selection of stuff pulled from tracks

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