Friday, December 18, 2009

dismal xxxviii (december 2009)

this holiday edition of dismal (not at all really) leans more towards industrial and power electronics. its not just a playlist repeated, though, perhaps it should be.

lackthrow - dismal 38 intro
gruntspatter - the logic of the slaughterhouse
lefthandeddecision - random ambient track
sword heaven / lambsbread split - excerpt from s.h. side
cloama - final monument
nyodene d - this is what we must do remix
duodrone - chapter 1, verse 9
esplendor geometrico - sinaya
combat astronomy - sirius02
hiv+ - the micro cell
       -  invocations
final solution - strip search
whitehouse - dumping the fucking rubbish remix
nicole 12 + taint - terry
lackthrow - endless affliction inhabits edit
navicon torture technologies - addicted to the unattainable
internal empty  - dusphorous alt mix 3
bloodyminded  - untitled sevbum remix
intrinsic action - untitled bonus

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